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Fortified's Fall 2022 Newsletter

We'll cover what pests to expect this fall, how to identify them, and how to prevent them from invading your home and costing you thousand's of dollars.
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Season's Top Tips

Seal any cracks and crevices around doors and windows.

Make sure to clean up food mess and not leave it out overnight.

Avoid moisture build up, water in/ under sink.

Avoid clutter and keep home clean.

Fortified Fun

Let's have some fun this Fall!

Fortified Pest Management has collected some awesome ideas for what we love to do most during Fall. The most common answers are getting lost in a corn maze, going for a hike, visting a pumpkin patch, camping

farmers markets, picnics, bike rides, bonfires, knitting, and making butternut squash.

Seasonal Pests To Look Out For

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Rats & Mice

  • Rats usually weigh a half a pound or more and can grow to be over a foot long. Their tail alone can be almost 9 inches. Mice on the other hand only have a tail 3-4 inches long and their entire body usually doesn’t get over 6 inches.
  • Rodents can be problematic because you wont always see them when they first show up. One of the best ways to deter them is to remove any source of food for them. Digging trenches or make dirt barriers lined with wire mesh may also help keep rodents away from crops or plants.


  • There are few differences between cockroaches except their Latin names, most cockroaches in America are limited to the ground — even if they have wings. Measuring up to two inches in length, you can expect to find them anywhere that humans live.
  • Be sure to keep a clean home and not leave food out, or you may find a visitor munching on a midnight snack.

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  • Ranging in size from a fraction of an inch to 2-3 inches in diameter, spiders are easily identified by the 8 legs they have radiating out from the body in a circular fashion.
  • Making sure to seal up any cracks under doors or in windows will help stop  black widows and other spiders from entering your home. Make sure to not have low light areas with high moisture like under sinks and behind toilets.

Pest Control VS

The Average Cost of 1 Bed Bug Infestation - $800 to $2,500
The Average Cost of 1 Scorpion Infestation - $375 to $800
The Average Cost of 1 Cockroach Infestation -$350 to $1100

The Average YEARLY Cost of  Pest Control Through 08/15

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