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Pigeons & Birds

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Are pigeons becoming a problem near your home? When you are trying to create a sanitary environment, pigeons roosting in or near your home can be a real issue.

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Pigeon Control in Las Vegas

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Pest Summary

Pigeons are usually found throughout the day as they avoid looking for food at night. When the sun goes down, they will pack together in large flocks to nest. While they are fairly harmless to the Las Vegas Valley, their feces are caustic to many humans, and the droppings can cause property damage.

Identifying The Pest

When singing, pigeons have a distinct song compared to other birds, which is known as a “coo”. The song they sing is used to attract a mate or another pigeon friend. When they walk or start to take flight, their heads noticeably bob back and forth.

Pest Control Solution

When you are ready to take care of your home’s bird problem, Fortified Pest Management is here to help. We have a long list of techniques that are appropriate for removing birds, capturing them live, and disposing of dead ones. We can help you with solutions that allow you to capture them and relocate them to a more appropriate area.

25% Off Pigeon and Bird Control Services

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Identifying & Removing Pigeons & Birds
How Can You Identify a Pigeon?
  • Pigeons (AKA Rock Doves) are easily identifiable to most Americans, and they carry the scientific name Columba livia domestica.
  • They naturally have a wide range of colors on their neck, including white, yellow, blue, green, red, and purple.
  • They are found on building tops, homes, and other places that resemble a top of a cliff.
What Is Bird Netting?
  • This is a cost-effective approach to bird control, but may not be the most effective depending on the severity of a bird/pigeon problem
  • Bird netting works bests on homes, vents, pipes, and other areas birds like to nest
  • They work best for commercial and industrial areas prone to pigeon infestations
What Are Bird Spikes?
  • They are also known as pigeon spikes, roost modification, and anti-roosting spikes
  • Bird spikes are typically made from needle like rods
  • They work bests on homes, vents, pipes, and other areas birds like to nest
How Do Pigeons Live in Las Vegas?
  • As a nuisance in cities like Las Vegas, they will inhabit anything that reminds them of a cliff.
  • This includes skyscrapers, power lines, other tower structures, and rooftops.
  • Foods they enjoy are seeds and nuts, but they will eat anything available, even garbage.
  • Good examples of pigeon predators are owls, sparrow hawks, eagles, raccoons, and possums. These are not as common in Las Vegas, making Pigeons a growing issue.
What Birds are Protected in Las Vegas?
  • Ducks, Songbirds, Wading birds, Shorebirds, Seagulls, Geese, and Birds of Prey are all protected birds.
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