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Although most spiders are harmless, there are a few problematic types that live in Las Vegas. When you are a homeowner with small children or pets, these types of deadly spiders are no laughing matter. Sadly, six different types of problematic spiders can affect them.

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Pest Summary

Spiders are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs, chelicerae with fangs generally able to inject venom, and spinnerets that extrude silk. They are the largest order of arachnids and rank seventh in total species diversity among all orders of organisms.

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Identifying The Pest

Identifying a spider in Las Vegas is relatively easy. They are the critters that have 8 legs. We'd like to cover some that specifically affect Las Vegas. These spiders are Black Widows, Cobweb Spiders, Desert Brown Spiders, Camel Spiders (Also known as Sun Spiders or Wind Scorpions), and the infamous Wolf Spider.

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If you are tired of finding dangerous spiders within reach of pets and children, it’s time to call Fortified Pest. We have worked with customers over the years to find reasonable solutions to their spider problems without using extra chemicals. This means that children and pets are less likely to come in contact with pesticides that can harm them. Along with environmentally friendly methods to remove spiders from your home, we also take the time to make sure our team has been licensed, insured, and bonded.

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How Do You Identify Black Widows in Las Vegas?

Called by the Latin name Latrodectus spp, black widow spiders are some of the most feared in the world. They have a shiny black color with a red hourglass on the underside of their bodies. They can measure up to a half-an-inch in length and are considered one of the most enormous spiders in the US. Typically, they are found in the dark places of a homeowner’s property and crevices. Like the brown recluse, black widows usually produce strange-looking irregular webs. These webs can be found under lawn furniture or porches. Some members of this species can live up to three years. They feed on insects like locusts, grasshoppers, flies, and mosquitoes. Their breeding patterns do not differentiate from other spiders, and it is common for females to lay over 100 eggs per year.

How Do You Identify Cobweb Spiders in Las Vegas?

Belonging to the scientific family Theridiidae, most spiders found in homes in America are cobweb spiders. They are usually found in the corners of walls and windows. While they are not typically dangerous to human beings, they can create a nuisance with their cobwebs. Like other spiders, they produce egg sacs that can release hundreds of young. In some cases, there are some species of poisonous cobweb spiders.

How Do You Identify Desert Brown Spider in Las Vegas?

Identified by their Latin name, Loxosceles recluse, brown recluse spiders are cobweb spiders that are poisonous. They may also be called fiddleback spiders due to the violin-shaped mark on their back. While they may not cause death in humans, the venom they release will rot the flesh around the spider bite. In general, they are Long-legged, have a fiddle-shaped pattern on their main body, and are yellowish-brown in color. They also have a distinct feature in that their six eyes are arranged in pairs. They can measure up to a half-of-an-inch in length, and this gives them an intimidating appearance.

They can be found indoors, but they are usually found in outside structures like barns. One way to identify a brown recluse spider in the home is through their disorganized and non-symmetrical looking webs. Despite the fact that they build webs, they do not use them to capture prey and prefer to roam around for their victims. Most brown recluse spiders will not bite unless provoked. Once the female lays up to five egg sacs with up to 300 eggs, it takes one month for them to hatch. However, they do not become adults until after a year.

How Do You Identify Camel Spiders in Las Vegas?

Sun spiders have many names, including wind scorpions, camel spiders, and solifuges. They have a unique appearance like a scorpion due to their fused head and body, but they are actually arachnids like other spiders. However, they do not have a tail like a scorpion. They can grow up to 6 inches in length and are incredibly fast-moving. They prefer dry climates, and they will eat insects such as termites, beetles, snakes, lizards, and small animals like rats.

How Do You Identify Wolf Spiders in Las Vegas?

Hailing from the scientific family Lycosidae, wolf spiders get their name because they are up to 1.5 inches in body length and have hair. Their appearance and speed mean that humans generally find them very intimidating. Often, people will think that they look like tarantulas because they are hairy and have large exposed fangs. Nevertheless, they do not bite and are not fatal. They are usually found outdoors at night living underground. They will mainly eat small spiders and other insects.

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