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Fortified's Summer 2022 Newsletter

We'll cover what pests to expect this summer, how to identify them, and how to prevent them from invading your home and costing you thousand's of dollars.
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This Season's Top Tip

During the months of June-August pests will be seeking shelter from the heat while also looking for sources of water. Keep these factors in mind as you walk the perimeter of your home and property throughout the season. Also keep an eye out for trash or rubbish piles building up next to or around your home and property.

Fortified Fun

Creative Lawn Care Idea For This Summer!

Creative lawn care idea- Making sure to clear debris and trash from the lawn can greatly increase your homes security against unwanted pests. Making a neat and tidy shade patio or possibly a well kept garden planter are great ways to utilize unused or untidy outdoor space around your home.

Seasonal Pests To Look Out For

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  • Identification - Valley Pocket Gophers are medium sized, gray-brown rodents without any particular marks on the fur. The Gopher's head and body are 5-6 inches long, and the naked tail is about is 2-3 inches long.
  • Solution - Gophers can be problematic because you wont always see them when they first show up. One of the best ways to deter gophers if you suspect they may be on your property is to remove any source of food for them. Digging trenches or make dirt barriers lined with wire mesh may also help keep them away from crops or plants.


  • Identification - When singing, pigeons have a distinct song compared to other birds, which is known as a “coo”. The song they sing is used to attract a mate or another pigeon friend. When they walk or start to take flight, their heads noticeably bob back and forth.
  • Prevention Tip - Not every over the counter remedy is right for every home, remember Fortified Pest Management is here to help. We have a long list of techniques that are appropriate for removing birds, capturing them live, and disposing of dead ones.

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Black Widows

  • Identification - The Black Widow is most easily identified by the red-yellow hourglass shape found on the spider. Sometimes it can be seen as two opposing triangles with points facing one another instead of the hourglass. This iconic pattern can be found on the shiny black globular abdomen of the spiders. Red and white stripes also accompany the males abdomen although they are about one quarter the size of females.
  • Prevention Tip - Making sure to seal up any cracks under doors or in windows will help stop both scorpions and black widows from entering your home. Make sure to not have low light areas with high moisture like under sinks and behind toilets.

Pest Control VS

The Average Cost of 1 Bed Bug Infestation - $800 to $2,500
The Average Cost of 1 Scorpion Infestation - $375 to $800
The Average Cost of 1 Cockroach Infestation -$350 to $1100

The Average YEARLY Cost of  Pest Control Through 08/15

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