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Fortified's Winter 2022 Newsletter

We'll cover what pests to expect this winter, how to identify them, and how to prevent them from invading your home and costing you thousand's of dollars.
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A Whimsical Winter & a Pestless New Year

As it’s getting cooler and winter approaches, Pests will try and look for warmth. To avoid entry into your home, seal any cracks and crevices around doors and windows. Make sure that all pipe endings and crawl spaces are properly sealed. Call Fortified anytime for all of your pest control needs.

Preventing the use of pesticides and using heat treatments with an eco-friendly company is becoming more necessary so that toxic pesticides no longer hurt the health of people, animals, and our planet. Rather than using these toxics, the newer greener treatments have been shown to effectively get rid of infestations. At Fortified, we understand the importance of being eco-friendly and have expert knowledge of pest habitats and how they live while also understanding their eco-systems. This is why we are able to use much LESS TOXIC pesticide sprays and more ECO-GREEN safer ways to exterminate.

Fortified Fun

Let's have some fun this Winter!

We at Fortified Pest Management have collected some rewarding ideas for what we love to do most during the Winter season.

  • Have a Winter Bon Fire
  • Volunteer with your family/friends at a soup kitchen is extremely rewarding
  • Share a Hot Cocoa with those you love most
  • Have a family night baking and decorating cookies

Have a very cozy winter, celebrating the holidays with your loved ones. We wish you a Happy Holiday & a Pestless New Year.

Seasonal Pests To Look Out For

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  • Did you know that there are more than 2000 rodents that have been identified? Rodents are extremely diverse mammals and are found all over the entire world. Make sure all cracks, crevices, and crawl spaces are sealed. Don’t leave food around and watch your storage areas such as garages where rodents love to hide. At times, Infestations can/will happen and you can be the last to find out. Should you find that these pesky rodents become an issue as they look for warmth this winter, call on Fortified to implement a successful treatment plan to get rid of them for good.


  • There are several different types of Pigeons that are in the Las Vegas Valley. A few are native to the desert. A couple have also migrated here to become part of the desert birds. Unfortunately, Pigeons are capable of causing lots of property damage and of course these birds can also carry disease. Infestation prevention requires an excellent pest control expert who can implement the safest and best treatment protocol.
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Bed Bugs

  • Bed Bugs are simple to see with the human eye. Look at the creases in the mattress and surrounding area. If you are infested, action must take place immediately or the infestation will get worse and more costly to resolve. Prevention is key to these pests. You can encase your mattress’s and pillows. You can inspect your bedding monthly to make sure you are not infested. If staying in hotels, be sure to check for bedbugs before your stay. Watch your second hand purchases of furniture, beds and mattresses. If in doubt, call a qualified, experienced professional to inspect and if need be, implement treatment immediately.

Pest Control VS

The Average Cost of 1 Bed Bug Infestation - $800 to $2,500
The Average Cost of 1 Scorpion Infestation - $375 to $800
The Average Cost of 1 Cockroach Infestation -$350 to $1100

The Average YEARLY Cost of  Pest Control Through 08/15

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