10 Tips to Rid Your Roof of Pigeons

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There are things that attract pigeons and birds to your home, roof, and yard. Let's dive in to ways you can get rid of the birds.

There are things that attract pigeons and birds to your home, roof, and yard. Let's dive in to ways you can get rid of the birds.

Pigeons are some of the most problematic and dirty pests, especially in open areas and urban setups. Despite being seemingly harmless, the pigeons on your roof can pose health risks. They will bother you with their corrosive wastes, relentless cooing, and their potential to spread diseases.

If you’re asking yourself - why do pigeons make their homes on my roof? Well, you aren’t alone. If you’re finding it a challenge to get rid of them, this comprehensive guide can help.

1. Eliminate any Food or Garbage Piles

Places with discarded food are the favorite areas for pigeons to frequent. It could be at a park, open garbage cans, or outdoor picnic areas or anywhere there could be discarded food. One of the easiest ways of getting rid of pigeons from your roof is eliminating any food items that attract these birds. Ensure you clean your surroundings, leaving no food remnants behind. 

2. Install Ultrasonic Pigeon Repellent

Pigeons, like other birds, have a keen sense of hearing. Their sharp ears serve as their prime survival tactic and enable them to hear predators’ sounds, search for food, and find their mating partners. Capitalizing on this sense of sound can help you get rid of them quickly and easily.

One way to utilize the sense of sound is to set up an ultrasonic pigeon repellent that emits a distractive and unpleasant sound. Ultrasonic pigeon repellents use various recorded sounds like those made by predators or similar sounds to scare away the pigeons from your roof.

3. Use Scary Objects

Scarecrows are a feasible method of scaring birds away. You can use this approach to scare away the pigeons. Perhaps utilizing statues or replicas of their natural predators such as giant owls.

Make these objects appear as natural as possible. For instance, you can include some rotating heads or rolling eyes. Some scary objects can also have automatic sounds that the pigeons cannot tolerate. Take advantage of such objects to eliminate the pigeons from your home.

4. Block the Pigeons Roosting and Nesting Places

Pigeons frequent areas of your roof that are ideal for nesting or roosting. Flat surfaces are the best for pigeons’ nesting. Look for ways to make such places unfavorable for pigeons’ roosting and nesting.

Working with pest control professionals in the Las Vegas area can help you find the ideal ways to make it difficult for pigeons to roost on your roof. We can help you install some spikes on the horizontal surfaces of your roof and help you choose the ones that will least detract from the aesthetic value of your home. It is also best to ask the exterminators to install long-lasting spikes with little to no maintenance.

5. Utilize Pigeon Repellent Gels

Most birds dislike repellent gels, making them a suitable option to get rid of any pigeons trying to roost on your roof. Choose highly effective, non-toxic gels that cause stickiness. Allow the pest exterminators to apply the repellants adequately on your roof to keep away these birds.

6. Install Bird Reflectors

Pigeons hate it when a lot of light gets directed to their eyes. That makes bird reflectors among the best pigeons’ elimination mechanisms. You can use bird tape that interacts with light to form a unique pattern, such as a rainbow. Loosely hang the tapes so they also make sounds when the wind blows. The combination of light patterns and sounds will disturb the pigeons and make it most uncomfortable to stick around.

7. Pigeon-Proof Your Home

You can try all means possible to get rid of pigeons on the roof. However, if the birds can still find a favorable entrance to your home and a comfortable place to roost, they will not quit coming. Take a further step to make your home pigeon proof by blocking all the pigeons’ entrances.

Some popular and helpful ways include: covering open vents, capping your chimney, and making your garden pigeon-proof. Such actions will block the pigeons’ favorite nesting zones, keeping them away from your roof.

8. Eliminate Bird Baths in Your Compound

Bird Baths attract birds to your home, especially in warm areas like Las Vegas. Your bird baths can also attract pigeons as they enjoy bathing to cool off their bodies. To prevent the bird baths from becoming pigeon zones, you will need to remove all areas that serve as bird baths in and around your home.

9. Install Automatic Water Jet

If you’re tired of asking yourself - Why do pigeons sit on my roof? Consider installing an automatic water jet. Despite being most suitable for gardens, you can install the automatic sprayer on your roof or direct the water to the pigeons’ entry. These water jets will help you spray the pigeons together with their waste off your roof. With its automatic sensor, the sprayer can easily detect birds. The device settings will determine how it sprays, the motion, and the direction of the water. So if you need pest control in Las Vegas, an automatic water jet might be a viable option.

10. Trap and Release the Pigeons

The other pest control method that you can use to eliminate pigeons in your home is trapping. All you need to do is to set a trap, put it where the pigeons assemble, and give it time.

The trap should have an easy entry and a design that provides a tricky exit for the trapped pigeons. It would be best if you use an attractive bait to lure the pigeons inside. Once the pigeons fill the trap, you need to take the trap to a far distance from your home (at least 5 miles away) and release the pigeons.

Fortified Pest Management-- End Your Pigeon Problem for Good!

Pigeons can be annoying and unhealthy, especially when they roost and nest on your roof. They not only destroy your roof with their acidic droppings and disturb you with their cooing, but they can also spread diseases. You can implement the pest control mechanisms highlighted above to keep the birds at bay and make your home healthier and free of these common pests. We also recommend phoning a professional to help you rid your home of pigeons permanently.

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