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Defend your property from pigeon mayhem and clutter with our Las Vegas pigeon control experts.

Are You Experiencing A Pigeon Infestation In Las Vegas?

Are you frustrated by pigeons nesting on your property, leaving behind unsightly droppings that can be difficult to clean up? Pigeons can also carry diseases and damage structures with their nesting habits.

Why You Need To Address a Pigeon Infestation

Pigeons can create unsightly messes and damage buildings with their nesting, reproduction, and waste.

The Solution To Your Pigeon Problem

Fortified Pest Management offers humane pigeon control solutions, including deterrents and exclusion methods, to keep pigeons away from your property while preserving their well-being.

If You Answered Yes To Any of These Questions A Las Vegas Pigeon Control Specialist Is Ready To Take Your Call!

Are You Wasting Money?

Pigeon droppings can damage roofs and vehicles, requiring cleaning and repairs. DIY bird control methods are often ineffective and may waste money.

Are You Extremely Busy?

Pigeon deterrents usually require roof work. DIY can not only be dangerous, but bird control can be time-consuming and may not yield lasting results.

Are They Increasing In Numbers?

Pigeons can multiply swiftly, with each pair of pigeons producing multiple clutches of eggs each year, leading to large flocks in urban areas.

If You Answered Yes To Any of These Questions A Las Vegas Pigeon Control Specialist Is Ready To Take Your Call!

Approaching Pigeon Control In Las Vegas

Fortified Pest Management makes pigeon control easy with three steps—inspection, humane removal, and installation of deterrents to keep your property pigeon-free.

1.) Schedule an Inspection (Less than 2 minutes!)

Call Fortified Pest Management, describe the pigeon problem, and arrange an inspection for effective deterrents.

2.) Get A Free Inspection (If Needed)

At Fortified Pest Management, we prioritize your convenience by offering the option for a phone or online inspection and estimate whenever possible; if needed, we can schedule an in-person inspection either the same day or the next day to promptly address your pest control needs.

3.) Get Rid of Them for Good!

Reclaim your property from pigeons once and for all with the best pigeon control in las vega. Our pigeon deterrents are covered by a money-back guarantee, ensuring lasting protection or your payment refunded.

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An Exterminator Is Ready To Take Your Call!

Pigeon Sanitation Package

We include a complimentary pigeon droppings cleanup and sanitation service to ensure your property not only remains pigeon-free but also returns to a clean and hygienic state. Say goodbye to unsightly messes and potential health hazard.

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