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Exterminate bed bugs from your Las Vegas home or business with our 365 Day Pest Free Guarantee.

Do You Need a Bed Bug Exterminator?

Are you suffering from itchy bites and finding small, reddish-brown bugs in your bedding or on your furniture? Bedbug infestations in Las Vegas can be distressing and challenging to eradicate.

Why You Need To Address a Bed Bug Infestation

Addressing a bed bug infestation is vital for health and property preservation, as these pests can cause discomfort, damage, and anxiety. Prompt action by professionals is cost-effective and prevents the infestation from spreading.

The Solution To Your Bed Bug Problem

Fortified Pest Management offers thorough bedbug inspections and effective heat treatments to eliminate these pests. Our team ensures that every hiding spot is treated to prevent re-infestations, providing you with peace of mind.

If You Answered Yes To Any of These Questions A Bedbug Control Specialist Is Ready To Take Your Call!

Are You Wasting Money?

Bedbug infestations can be challenging to eradicate without professional assistance. DIY attempts can lead to wasted money and prolonged suffering.

Are You Extremely Busy?

DIY extermination routes can be time-consuming as they typically involve research, trial and error, multiple treatments, and ongoing monitoring. Professional pest control services often provide a quicker and more efficient solution.

Are They Increasing In Numbers?

Pests can multiply rapidly, making timely intervention crucial. Many pests have short reproduction cycles, with some producing numerous offspring in a matter of days or weeks. This exponential growth underscores the importance of swift action.

If You Answered Yes To Any of These Questions A Bedbug Control Specialist Is Ready To Take Your Call!

Getting Rid Of Bedbugs In Three Steps.

Fortified Pest Management's bedbug eradication is hassle-free—inspection, effective treatments, and guidance on preventing reinfestation ensure a bedbug-free home.

1.) Schedule an Inspection (Less than 2 minutes!)

Reach out to Fortified Pest Management, discuss concerns, and schedule an inspection for suspected bed bug infestations.

2.) Get A Free Inspection (If Needed)

At Fortified Pest Management, we prioritize your convenience by offering the option for a phone or online inspection and estimate whenever possible; if needed, we can schedule an in-person inspection either the same day or the next day to promptly address your pest control needs.

3.) Get Rid of Them for Good!

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and bed bug worries. Our treatments come with a money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind or your money back.

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An Exterminator Is Ready To Take Your Call!

Bedbug Be Gone Special

For added peace of mind, we provide a free follow-up within 30 days to confirm the elimination of bedbugs, ensuring you can rest easy in your bedbug-free space.

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