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Are you fed up with persistent pests infiltrating your Boulder City home or business? Your search ends here with Fortified Pest Management, your ultimate destination for comprehensive pest control solutions.

Over 13,500 Las Vegas & Boulder City
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We Understand Boulder City Pest Control.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch pest control services to the residents and businesses of Boulder City.

Are You Wasting Money?

Wasting money on ineffective pest control measures can be frustrating, leaving you with recurring infestations and potential property damage to your henderson home orbusiness.

Are You Extremely Busy?

Constantly staying busy with pest control drains time & Energy. Relying on ineffective methods leaves you frustrated and wasting both time and money.

Are You "Chemically Conscious"?

Overusing chemicals can harm the environment and pose health risks.

Are You Seeing Pests?

When pests multiply unchecked, they can quickly become a more significant problem, causing increased inconvenience and potential harm to you and/or your property.

If You Answered Yes To Any of These Questions A Pest Control Specialist Is Ready To Take Your Call!

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AI-PC™ The only All Inclusive Pest Control In Boulder City

In Boulder City, Fortified Pest Management is your trusted partner in achieving a pest-free life without the need to step foot inside your home. Our comprehensive pest control services extend to rodents, scorpions, and various other pests that might invade your space. All Boulder City pest control services come with a 365 Day Pest Free Guarantee.

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Zone One – Spray exterior and perimeter.
Zone Two – Granuals will be used if your property has high moisture areas, shrubs and grassy areas
Zone Three – Baiting will be used in any targeted areas (grasses, shrubs, etc) for crickets, roaches, ants, earwigs, and many other pests.

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What's The Big Deal About Your Pest Control Company
Being Google Guaranteed?

If you’re backed by the Google Guarantee, and your customers (That's You!) aren’t satisfied with the quality of your work, Google may, in its absolute and sole discretion, reimburse the customer

A Boulder City Exterminator Is Ready To Take Your Call!

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Service was timely. Highly recommend.
Aaron, technician, was very nice. Showed up within timeframe. Asked if we had any concerns. No problems to address since we receive regular service. Service was timely. Highly recommend.
Anita T.
Boulder City, NV
Highly recommend this family owned company!
They are knowledgeable, efficient, quick to come to you, fairly priced and RJ was an amazing agent that works for this company! I was very confident that they will resolve my current and any future problems!! Highly recommend this family owned company!!!Follow up worker was polite and efficient too!
Bonnie C.
Boulder City, NV
For my pets and my family, I’m very grateful
I back up to an empty, un maintained property, which has made pest control a challenge. Fortified has been very attentive to my concerns and will send a technician out within hours! Our wonderful technician Aaron checks in to see how things are going and to make sure we’re pest free. He always has suggestions and great solutions. For my pets and my family, I’m very grateful for their plant based products, and their stellar customer service.
Shannon W.
Boulder City, NV
CALL THEM!  You won't be disappointed!
My Technicians were BOTH very respectful and patient.  They  patiently answered all my questions and were very friendly and responsive.  They worked so hard to find a solution for my pigeon problem and were very successful in completing what really was a very daunting task.   They were prompt & polite and called ahead to let me know they were on their way.  I could not be happier with their work and work ethic!   CALL THEM!  You won't be disappointed!
Deb A.
Boulder City, NV
I could enjoy my backyard again.
I have had a horrible scorpion problem for years, l've had multiple companies come out, quote, and treat my problem. However, nothing has stuck. Upon doing more research I came across Fortified. I called and spoke to a nice young lady named Kirstin. The tech was very knowledgeable and explained the issue thoroughly. Within a few weeks of treatment with Fortified my scorpion problem was completely gone and I could enjoy my backyard again. Thank you so much!!
Maile G.
Boulder City, NV
Pigeons left within a week as promised.
We battled three pigeons for at least two months.  They refused to leave our roof despite our spraying them with water etc.  We finally called Fortified Pest Management.  They responded immediately and placed the pigeon bait on our roof.  As Fortified promised, the pigeons left within the week.  We are so grateful, and no longer to clean up our driveway every day from their “messes”.
Diana G.
Boulder City, NV

What Makes Fortified's Pest Control Different?

Find out why over 13,500 homes & businesses in Las Vegas & Boulder City trust Fortified's Pest Control

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Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to delivering eco-friendly pest control solutions in Boulder City. Our methods and products are carefully selected to not only effectively eliminate pests but also to minimize any adverse impact on the local ecosystem. With us, you can trust that your pest control needs are met with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Experts in Boulder City Pests

extensively trained and certified experts excels in delivering precise pest control solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of Boulder City residents. Our deep understanding of the local pest population and their behaviors empowers us to craft customized strategies that yield exceptional results in pest management. Trust our expertise to provide tailored solutions for maximum effectiveness.

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Timely and Reliable

At our company, we hold your time in high regard and are dedicated to delivering swift and dependable service. Our team is flexible and will accommodate your schedule to minimize any inconvenience to your daily life. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer service and consistently surpassing your expectations.

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