Bed Bugs - Ancient Times To Modern Day

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From Ancient Times to Las Vegas, The Bed Bugs Were There

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Bed bugs have been feeding on their human host since the beginning, and still feed on us today in Las Vegas, Boulder City, Summerlin, Henderson, and the surrounding area. Learn more about these bed bugs that have been sucking our blood (and sleep time) since forever ago!

The History of Bed Bugs

From the Beginning

Bed bugs have had quite the journey from the Middle East to Las Vegas. It is thought that the bed bug originated in Egypt almost 3,500 years ago. They hung out in caves that were inhabited by humans. These little critters have been found fossilized along ancient society. When civilization grew so did the bed bug control issues. They are ancient insects and they have lived off hosts since time began. As villages, colonies, and eventually cities exploded over the world so did bed bugs. By 100 A.D., they were a well-known in Italy, in 600 A.D. in China, and in the 1400s in France. You can bet when we came to the United States (and Las Vegas) they followed. Humans generate heat from cooking, sleeping, and just living. The bed bug thrives off of this.

In the 1800’s

Bed bugs hopped on board with early colonist as they came to America in the 1700s. In the 1800s, they exploded in North America. We started deterring the bugs as fast as they came. Drastic measures were taken. Beds were made out of sassafras wood and cleaned with boiling water (don't worry, Fortified Pest Management has more modern ways of doing this). Although the bug was not necessarily called a "bed bug" by everyone. Colonists and sailors would complain of a tiny bug that would attack while they were asleep at night.

Early 20th Century

In the early 20th century, the majority of Americans had seen a bed bug. Bed bugs were out of control. Experts believe, at one point, 1/3rd of all the residences were infested. In the lower income areas, nearly all the residences had personally been infested by bed bugs. Then something really weird happened, all the bed bugs disappeared. Developed countries had such a hard time finding bed bugs that scientists were having trouble finding bed bugs to study. What happened?


A pesticide, known as DDT, was introduced. The DDT would be sprayed all around our homes and the city of Las Vegas. The only issue was DDT was not safe for the environment. Pest companies, including Fortified Pest Management, started taking a more eco-friendly and sustainable approach to bed bug control.


From the ‘30s to the ‘80s bed bugs seemed to be declining everywhere, including Las Vegas. However, their numbers have been greatly increasing since the ‘80s. In fact, in 2020 the number of infestations is still on the rise. These pests have come back, and once again bed bugs are out of control. Today, infestations can be even more difficult to eliminate than earlier stages of life.

It's not all bad news for Las Vegas residents that are encountering issues with bed bugs. Extermination treatments were dangerous, but we can learn from the past and take on your bed bug problem safely and with a minimal amount of pesticides. If you are having a bed bug problem have us come out for a free estimate on bed bug control.

The bed bugs have a long history of stressing us out, and they still do today. Give Fortified Pest Management a call to get rid of the bed bugs and have this bite be the last one. To receive your free Las Vegas bed bug estimate call 702-879-4007 or click here.

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