Black Widows In Vegas

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This post is a resource on how to avoid Black Widows in Vegas, and what to do if you are bit by one.

This post is a resource on how to avoid Black Widows in Vegas, and what to do if you are bit by one.


A black widow is black (hence the name) and has a red mark going down their back. The red mark on these spiders is in the shape of an hourglass and is a main identifier for a black widow. Black Widows in Las Vegas are about 1-1.5 inches long, has 8 legs (like all spiders), no antenna, and have a more round shape than most spiders.

Black Widow Bite

Black Widow bites are one of the most feared spider bites out there, and rightfully so. Fortified Pest Management would like to give you some resources in order to avoid these spider bites, identify them, and know what to do if you happen to get bit by one. If you fall victim to a Black Widow bite you may develop a fever, your blood pressure could increase, and you may get sweaty and nauseous. They do come with a bit of pain. This pain start immediately, and peaks 3 hours after the bite. After the 3 hours the pain does not just go away, but it slowly declines over the course a few days as it gradually gets better.

There is this belief that a black widow spider bite can instantly lead to a fatality, but this is not the case. Even though it is possible, fatalities from a black widow spider bite are highly unlikely, as long as proper medical treatment is received after the bite. It is always smart to contact a professional if you notice an infestation, spider webs, or bites on your body.

Black Widow Webs and Prey

Black Widows preferer temperatures of 70 degrees or higher, making the desert a great place for these spiders to call home. Their webs are usually ground level and built during the night time hours. These webs are typically different than other webs as they are not symmetrical. After the web is completed they are about 12 inches in diameter.

These webs are use for home and to capture prey. Like most spiders, they feed on arthropods like ants, cockroaches, and spiders.

Black Widow Reproduction

Black Widows reproduce in the winter and develop into adults in the spring. Spring through July these Black Widows run around causing Las Vegas resident's headaches. Through out the first year they grow in blackwidow adults and usually die at the peak of the following summer. Some are not lucky enough to survive the entire year, frequently they are male. Female black widows have been known to consume males after succesfully reproducing.

Black Widows Preferred Living Arrangement

Black widows enjoy dry and dark location, Viva Las Vegas! To make it worse, they typically search for warmer climates. They tend to establish themselves in protected areas like under stones or in tree stumps. They can all make a home out of man made structures like sheds, barrels, and other dry areas that mimic the indoors. They are attracted to these places because they like the dimly lit areas that they provide. This is the reason you may find them in your garage, basement, and crawl spaces.

How To Get Rid of Your Black Widows

If you have seen black widows, or suspect their presence in or on your commercial or residential property, contact Fortified Pest Management, LLC. We will perform a thorough inspection for black widows and formulate a custom plan of action to remove these spiders and prevent their return!

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