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Why Is Eco, Baby, & Pet Friendly Pest Control So Important? This Blog Post Will Dive Into Why This Is The Future of Pest Control

Eco Friendly. Pet Friendly. Baby Friendly. How We Use The Pillars To Drive The Pest Control Industry Forward.

Keeping our homes safe is always on our minds, more so when you have small children and pets. Keeping our kids and pets safe is a huge anxiety in every home and pests do not help the situation. Especially when you take into account that most readily available pest control options are not just mildly dangerous but outright harmful to your most vulnerable family members. What are safety conscious families supposed to do then when faced with the health risks of a pest infestation? You call Fortified Pest Management, we love our pets, babies, and babies to come! Pests can be dangerous to pets and children, but sometimes chemicals can be even worse. Fortified Pest Management is a family owned business that uses their processes on the business store front and employee's homes. We want to make sure our families are safe, and that includes yours.

Kid safe, pet safe, and pest control are three things that do not sound like they should go together, but when you choose Fortified Pest Management you are choosing Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is not only kid friendly and pet friendly, it's EFFECTIVE! Integrated pest management is a strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of ecosystem-based techniques. Fortified’s family friendly team of experts trains on the likes, dislikes, food sources, and reproduction cycles of each pest. IPM practices an awareness-building model dedicated to reducing pesticide risk in both agricultural and non-agricultural settings. IPM takes advantage of all appropriate pest management options, not just pesticides. Organic and IPM certifications are not the same, but IPM has been nicknamed the "organic pest control"

In order for IPM to achieve its goal of long-term prevention of pests or damage, the first step in ensuring child and pet safety is correctly identifying the pest/pests causing the issue. This allows our team to narrow their biological approach to controlling  the ecosystem. After proper identification our experts will begin to monitor and assess pest numbers and damage. Before taking any pest control action, IPM first sets an action threshold, a point at which pest populations or environmental conditions indicate that pest control action must be taken. Sighting a single pest does not always mean control is needed. The level at which pests will become an economic threat is critical to guide future pest control decisions. Not all insects, weeds, and other living organisms require control. Many organisms are innocuous, and some are even beneficial. IPM programs work to monitor for pests and identify them accurately, so that appropriate control decisions can be made in conjunction with action thresholds. This monitoring and identification removes the possibility that pesticides will be used when they are not really needed or that the wrong kind of pesticide will be used. The most common group of techniques used in IPM to prevent pest problems is biological control, cultural control, mechanical and physical controls, and chemical control.  

In order to guarantee a kid safe, pet safe, and eco-friendly pest control experience, Fortified Pest Management makes sure to use only 100% American made and recyclable products while implementing IPM.We always try to avoid the use of chemicals unless absolutely necessary. Our first steps are always attempt a more eco-friendly approach through:

  • Biological control- The use of naturally occurring enemies such as competitors, predators, pathogens and parasites.
  • Cultural Controls- Practices intended to reduce the establishment of pests and their reproduction, survival and dispersion. Changing the way you interact with the environment, like watering habits and irrigation systems.
  • Mechanical and Physical Controls- Tools and techniques used to directly kill, block out, or make the habitat unsuitable for pests. This can mean traps or even mulching the soil in which the pest occupies.  

If the use of chemical free kid safe and pet friendly controls such as biological, cultural, mechanical and physical don't work IPM does allow for specific chemical controls. Chemical control is the use of pesticides. In IPM, pesticides are used only when needed and in combination with other approaches for more effective, long-term control. Pesticides are selected and applied in a way that minimizes their possible harm to adults, children, household pets, nontarget organisms, and the environment. We use the most selective pesticide that will do the job and be the safest for other organisms such as house pets, kids and for air, soil, and water quality; use pesticides in bait stations rather than sprays; or spot-spray a few weeds instead of an entire area. We also have continuing education on how these pests interact with the environment. With this information we try to cut off the nesting and food sources that are on your property. There are times we do have to remove them, but it is done as humanely as possible. The well being of bees, birds, and other pests is a priority of our IPM plan.

While selecting all of our 100% American made eco-friendly chemical options we take into account what risks they may pose to your home and take steps to reduce or eliminate them. Through the use of bait stations, out of site insect tapes, ultrasonic pest repellents, and pheromone traps we make sure to keep your kids safe and pets safe. We also make sure to source 100% recyclable products where available because we care about ALL of our habitats, not just the homes we are called to. It's very important to us that we are conscious of our impact on the environment as we ensure the safety of your kids, pets, and home.

The truth is there are plenty of pet safe and kid friendly products available to the experienced shopper, however if not properly implemented these products still have a high potential to cause harm to our kids, pets and unintended organisms. By choosing Fortified Pest Management you are ensuring that not only will proper integrated pest management be applied to your home, it will be done using 100% American made products that are eco-conscious and recyclable. Fortified Pest Management is here to help. Remember, Fortified Pest Management is fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured. We are family owned, Pet Friendly and ALWAYS come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Whether you need a residential or professional estimate we are here to help. From Pigeons to Roof Rats, Spiders to Termites, Scorpions to Bed Bugs we will help you sleep better at night.

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