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Las Vegas Rats can be a complete pain! If you're reading this article, chances are you're having rodent issues. We've published this resource just for you.

Rats are notoriously known to invade homes and businesses across the country, and Las Vegas is not immune to their insidious ways. Rats are nasty little rodents that destroy structures and spread germs, bacteria, and diseases. Their fast scurrying movements and sneaky ways make rats somewhat elusive.

Roof rats will reach between 6” to 8” long with their long tails adding another 6” to 8”. They will weigh approximately 5 -12 ounces. Common colors of the roof rats include a blend of black, brown, several variations of gray, whites, and blacks. Smooth and soft to the touch, there is fur covering their bodies, but is scarce on their large ears. Roof rats have large eyes and have pointy muzzles. Roof rats have incredible agility and a remarkable ability to climb and travel along power lines and rooftops, which is why they are so named. If a roof rat has moved into your home or business, it is more than likely due to a damaged area somewhere on the roof. Typically, roof rats will inhabit the attic spaces, areas just above ceilings, in the top areas of cabinets, and behind walls when they move into a structure. Outside roof rats will usually nest in above ground areas like trees and other dense vegetation. Roof rats can be found nearly anywhere in the United States, but are more heavily concentrated in the southern states, especially near seaports, as they prefer warmer temperatures. Roof rats usually only invade homes and businesses in an effort to look for food, water, security, and somewhere to avoid unfavorable weather conditions. Roof rats are highly adaptable and can thrive outside just as easily as they can inside. They reproduce extremely quickly, causing infestations to get out of control in a short duration of time. This is why seeking assistance at the first inclination of their presence is vitally important.

How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Roof Rats

  • Fortified Pest Management has prepared a list of tasks you can complete around your home to discourage roof rats from living on your property.
  • Bushes and trees need to be well maintained by keeping them pruned and trimmed away from the house.
  • Weather strip or replace the caulk around the windows and doors as needed.
  • Check the vents and ensure they have tight fitting covers to safe guard these common pest entrance points.
  • Seal all human and pet food in air tight containers and avoid leaving food debris out for long periods of time.
  • Repair any leaky faucets and pipes to remove a constant water source.
  • Repair or replace any missing, damaged, or loose roof shingles and if applicable, ensure the chimney has a tight fitting cap.
  • All the outdoor trash cans should be kept a fair distance away from your home or business with lids securely closed. Wash them out periodically with soapy water.

Roof Rat & Rodent Control

If you have seen roof rats, or suspect their presence in or on your commercial or residential property, contact Fortified Pest Management, LLC. We will perform a thorough rodent inspection and formulate a custom plan of action to remove rodents and prevent their return!

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