What attracts Bed bugs into your home?

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Do you think you have a bedbug problem? Learn how to spot bedbugs and to get rid of them fast! Call (702) 879-4007 for your free professional estimate.

Do you think you have a bedbug problem? Learn how to spot bedbugs and to get rid of them fast! Call (702) 879-4007 for your free professional estimate.

Bed bugs are tiny, flat, reddish-brown, and wingless insects that have a length of around a quarter of an inch before feeding. They are most active at night so during the daytime hours, they can be found on bed frames, in mattress seams, wall crevices and cracks, and in or around your furniture. They have been around for many years and inflict painful bites as they suck your blood and spread many diseases. It gets worse if you happen to be allergic to their bites.

You may have spotted a few bed bugs in your home and are wondering where they came from or what attracted them to your home. While many people believe that a dirty, filthy environment is the only place you can find bed bugs, that is not entirely true. While dirt and filth definitely play a major role in their presence in homes, it is not unusual to find bedbugs in perfectly clean and neat homes or environments. There are several ways that you could have gotten bed bugs in your house, and the major ones are traveling and buying second-hand furniture. While traveling, you never know who you are with in the plane or who has been in a plane or taxi. Since luggage is all stored in one place in the plane or taxi, there are very high chances that bed bugs may spread from one bag to another, and you will carry them back to your home.

Buying second-hand furniture is another major way that bed bugs find their way into your home. Since bedbugs hide in the cracks or seams of furniture during the day, they are difficult, if not impossible, to spot. Bugs can also crawl into your home from a nearby home that may be infested. The best way to avoid these occurrences is to spray your bags and second-hand furniture before bringing them into your home and rely on the advice of a pest control specialist.

What Attracts Bed Bugs?

You might bring bed bugs into your home, but according to its condition, they can hang around or leave. Certain things will make them more attracted to your home, making it more difficult to get rid of them.

Carbon dioxide

Aside from blood, one other thing that attracts bed bugs is carbon dioxide. They tend to thrive more in a place with a high concentration of carbon dioxide. Since we breathe out significant amounts of carbon dioxide when we sleep, that is one reason bed bugs thrive on and around bedding. Also, the minimal movements we make at night allows the carbon dioxide we produce to be trapped in a cloud around us, thus attracting those pesky bed bugs.


We all love warmth, and that seems to be something we have in common with bed bugs. The warmth our skin gives off when we sleep, and the warmth trapped in bed sheets makes an ideal living environment for these irritating pests to thrive. Also, since the most warmth is found around our heads and faces, bed bugs will likely be found close to the headboard of your bed.

Dark bedding

Bed bugs love the dark, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they love dark bed sheets and bed spreads. A recent study shows that some of the colors bed bugs love most are black and red. 

Dark bedding also makes it easy for the bedbugs to hide because you will have difficulty spotting their dark bodies on your dark bedding.

Dirty laundry

If you tend to let your dirty laundry pile on the floor or in a laundry basket, that could give bed bugs the perfect place to hide and reproduce. The presence of scent and smell on those clothes will attract the bed bugs to them, especially if you are not around to disturb them. Also, the clothes are a good source of warmth for the bed bugs to enjoy in.

While some people believe that bed bugs are attracted to certain blood types, that is a myth. Bed bugs are attracted to people because of different reasons, such as: sleeping with a lot of skin exposed, not having a lot of body hair, and sleeping habits.

While bed bugs are hard to get rid of, there are many tips on how to permanently get rid of bed from your home.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Permanently In Your House

Deep clean your house, focusing especially on and around your bed as it is the most common place for bed bugs to shelter. Begin by brushing off your mattress using a hard brush to get rid of the bed bugs, eggs, and shells.

You should then vacuum all sides of your mattress, the sides, top, and bottom. Ensure to brush off the bed's frames, especially the headboard, and it would help to wash everything with hot water.

Then, focus on deep cleaning your furniture and vacuum all the sofa cushions, and wash your floors using hot water. After using your vacuum for this purpose, it is possible to have lingering bed bugs in your vacuum, as well, so we recommend placing it in an airtight plastic bag and keep it outside or in your garage for a few days for the bugs to suffocate. Also, place your mattress in a bug-proof mattress cover and keep it sealed for a year. If you notice that the infestation was too big, get rid of your bedding and furniture and get new replacements.

Fill in all the nooks and crannies

Cracks are one of the best hiding places for bed bugs; be it the wall, floor, or furniture cracks. They might also hide in places where your wallpaper has lifted. These are also ideal places for bed bugs to lay their eggs. Meticulously check your house walls and furniture for cracks, and using caulk or plaster, fill any holes, no matter how small. You can also use wallpaper glue to seal all lifting edges or remove wallpaper altogether.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently with Fortified Pest Management!

If the previous methods have failed and or you simply want to be sure to get rid of bed bugs permanently in your Las Vegas home, call a qualified pest control company. This is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs permanently. We will first assess your home and identify all the areas that are infested with bed bugs and at what intensity. That will give us a clear picture of how much work is needed and the proper equipment to use. We service homes in and around the Las Vegas area. Get Rid of Unwanted Guests With Our Best Pest Control Services Today. Call Us For a Free Pest Control Estimate (702) 879-4007. 

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