What Bit Me? Identifying Bug Bites

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This Article Will Help You Identify What Has Bit You Through Pictures & Descriptions. Common Bites Come From Spiders, Bed Bugs, & Even Cockroaches.

This Article Will Help You Identify What Has Bit You Through Pictures & Descriptions. Common Bites Come From Spiders, Bed Bugs, & Even Cockroaches.

What Bug Bit Me?

What bug bit me? This is a question we have all asked ourselves. Whether the day after an outdoor BBQ or while on a hike in the Pacific North West, and even waking up on the couch after a nap, a mysterious bug bite is cause for some mild concern. Most bites found will be from innocuous insects such as mosquitos, house spiders, bed bugs. If you notice adequate swelling beyond the site of the sting/bite or swelling of the lips, eyes, face, throat, and tongue seek medical attention. These are signs that you have been bitten or stung by something either venomous or that you are allergic to. If left unattended these symptoms may worsen and potentially be life threatening. Even if you do not have as severe of a situation as this it can be annoying and a hassle to have to continuously deal with repeat bug bites. No need to worry, with proper identification there are options. If you do not feel comfortable accurately identifying the insect causing the problems just reach out to Fortified Pest Management, our trained experts will help identify the offending species and provide a clean and ethical IPM response.

Bed Bugs

The most common unidentified bite found on humans is the bed bug. The good news is they are not considered to be dangerous, however allergic reactions to several bites may result in the need to seek medical attention. Bed bugs are generally active at night and feed on sleeping people. They leave a small single puncture from their elongated beak. After feeding for three to ten minutes the bed bug then scurries away unnoticed. The bite will appear as a red itchy bump with a dark center and lighter swollen surrounding area. These red bumps or welts may present in a line or zigzag pattern, surrounded by blisters or hives, and even papular eruptions. The center for disease control does state that bites may take up to 14 days to show up, because of this it's important to keep an eye on your body if you think you may be dealing with a bed bug infestation. High temperature steam is a good way to immediately kill the bed bugs.

Spider Bites

Unfortunately identifying a spider bite is not as simple as having a double puncture wound.  According to experts at the Burke Museum- When you have a "bite" with two separated marks, it is either caused by a bloodsucking insect that has bitten twice (a common occurrence), or is a double skin eruption arising from one disease condition or arthropod bite, also a common occurrence. This begs the question “How can I identify if I've been bitten by a spider?”. For spiders it is borderline impossible to identify the species from just the bite, unless it's one like the Black Widow and Brown Recluse which have very characteristic bites and after effects. If you suspect a venomous spider infestation it's important to act fast in order to reduce the possible harm to yourself or your family. with the production of highly effective antivenoms and emergency medical treatments only 7 people (on average) a year die from spider bites in North America. The reality of ever suffering a life threatening spider bite is low but the fact that sharks, gators and bears combined kill half the people that spiders do.

Scorpion Bites

Scorpion stings are going to be one of the more painful bites/stings, comparable to bee or wasp sting according to scientists. The major identifying symptoms of a scorpion sting are tingling, numbing sensation, burning, or pain at the site of the sting. Luckily most scorpions do not pose a major health risk to most adults. Small children, elderly and pets are at a higher risk of severe reactions to these stings. Pro-tip: if you live in an area known for scorpions check your shoes before you put them on as this is one of their favorite hiding spots.

Cockroach Bites

It's common knowledge that insects like bees, spiders, and scorpions bite and sting but did you know that cockroaches are also known to bite humans? The good news is that there are no cockroaches that produce any poison or venom meaning they just cause minor discomfort and anxiety. A cockroach bite will appear bright red and will result in small raised bumps presenting on the skin. As with all bites and stings there is always the chance for a severe allergic reaction, though rare should be taken very seriously and medical attention should always be sought after if any allergic reaction symptoms begin to display themselves after a bite or sting.

Ant Bites

The good news when it comes to fire ant bites (we say this lightly) is that they are very unique as the bites start as itchy bumps that may appear like localized hives or single lumps at the bite site, and within hours they will turn into pimple like pus-filled blisters. The silver lining is this makes a mysterious bite from one of these little buggers easy to identify thus making it easy to treat. A single or even a small amount of fire ant bites poses little threat to larger healthy humans, however getting swarmed by fire ants is a sure way to end up in the emergency room. Due to the fact these are ants and they build their colonies underground it's important to get professional help in order to get the entire problem at once while having minimal impact on the environment.

For those that venture into nature or live with those who do, the risk of ticks is always present. While most tick bites are identified when you find the sucker (pun intended) latched onto you having a nice little snack. It's not impossible though for a tick to bite and release without you ever knowing. These bites are somewhat easier to identify compared to others since the head of the tick leaves a rather large hole in the skin. If a tick bite is identified and it has red markings around it similar to a bullseye seek medical attention as this is an indicator for lymes disease which is potentially life threatening if left untreated. As a precaution always make sure to use approved repellent and proper attire when spending time in tick habitats.

Whether you need help identifying what insect is biting you or your family or you already know what the culprit is, reach out to Fortified Pest Management for a free estimate today! By choosing Fortified Pest Management you are ensuring that not only will proper integrated pest management be applied to your home, it will be done using 100% American made products that are eco-conscious and recyclable.  Fortified Pest Management is here to help. Remember, Fortified Pest Management is fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured. We are family owned, Pet Friendly and ALWAYS come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Whether you need a residential or professional estimate we are here to help. From Pigeons to Roof Rats, Spiders to Termites, Scorpions to Bed Bugs we will help you sleep better at night.

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