What Does a Spider Bite Look Like?

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Been bit by a spider in your home? Symptoms and signs of your spider bite. See whether it's a brown recluse, black widow, hobo or wolf spider.

Asking yourself what do spider bites look like? Here's how you can identify if you've been bitten by a spider.

Have you ever woken up from a good night's sleep and found two small bumps close together and thought to yourself “Wow, I must have been a midnight snack for an 8 legged intruder.”? However this “Two punctures” means spider bite is a myth. This myth is slightly base in truth, it is a fact that spiders do have two venom injecting fangs, and many spiders DO bite with both at the same time. The issue comes with the fact that any spider smaller than a tarantula would leave entry points of the two fangs so close together there would be little if any separation detectable to the human eye. (Seeing as most of the truly dangerous spiders are smaller than a tarantula, this is not a comforting fact.) According to experts at the Burke Museum- When you have a "bite" with two separated marks, it is either caused by a bloodsucking insect that has bitten twice (a common occurrence), or is a double skin eruption arising from one disease condition or arthropod bite, also a common occurrence. This begs the question “How can I identify if I've been bitten by a spider?”

First and foremost we recommend determining if the bite poses a threat to the life of the bitten individual. In a non-venomous bite you might notice some swelling or possibly a red welt. This will be directly surrounding some skin damage, and can be mildly uncomfortable with light heat or itching (Wolf Spider bites commonly display these symptoms in humans). The issue is when this discomfort lasts longer than about an hour or you start to see increased discomfort or find that the swelling or welts are spreading. This is a good indication that the bite is venomous and could possibly be linked to a venomous arachnid such as a Brown Recluse or Black Widow (possibly a wolf spider if the affected is a small child or pet). 

Spider Bite Identification

If bitten and you experience severe pain radiating from the origin of the bite, this can be an isolated symptom or accompanied by grievous muscle pain or cramping, seek medical attention immediately. These are the beginning indicators of a possible venomization or poisoning. In addition to the immediate onset of pain and cramping in the minutes after an encounter with venomous spider bite the affected victim will notice the heat from the bite start to radiate throughout the entire body resulting in increased sweating and clammy appearance. As the respiratory system starts to become weakened by the venom the victim will begin to struggle to breath. If this occurs before medical help has been reached it's important to keep the affected individual calm as to preserve the dwindling oxygen in their system. As the body becomes overwhelmed with the venom’s effects a severe headache will form causing the victim to become disoriented and confused. With all these indicators of a venomous bite affecting the victim at once the body will begin to shut down, resulting in nausea, vomiting, high fever and high blood pressure. If treated or rendered medical aid in a reasonable time venomous spiders such as the Black Widow and Brown Recluse pose little to no threat to adult humans, however in small children, elderly and pets, or even adults who do not receive medical aid are at a serious risk for permanent damage to the body or brain, and even death in some cases.

Identifying a Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Now for some good news, with the production of highly effective antivenoms and emergency medical treatments only 7 people (on average) a year die from spider bites in North America. The reality of ever suffering a life threatening spider bite is low but the fact that sharks, gators and bears combined kill half the people that spiders do. When you realize that we interact with hundreds of times more spiders than we ever do bears, sharks or gators it makes you think about what you can do to protect yourself. The first step is to remain aware of your surroundings. At the first site of spiders in and around your home identification is imperative. Contact Fortified Pest Management for aid in identifying the threat to your home. Once a threat has been determined we will work tirelessly to remove the threat in a child and pet friendly manner. 

Now for a spider bite PSA- DO NOT attempt to suck out the venom from a spider bite. Even if you know for a fact the bite is from a Black Widow or Brown Recluse DO NOT attempt to remove the venom by suction, DO NOT use a razor blade or knife to open the spider's venom injection site. These actions will only increase the risk of infection and are not effective at reducing the severity of a spider's bite. Seek medical attention immediately, after you are safe and on the road to recovery make sure to call or reach out to Fortified Pest Management for a free estimate to solve your venomous spider infestation.

Now even if your spider infestation is determined to not be one of the big (little) scary guys like the Black Widow and Brown Recluse removal or extermination is still highly recommended as non-venomous/life threatening spiders such as the wolf spider can still pose a large risk for those who are allergic to their mild venom, small children or elderly adults, and even pets. The venom can be fatal for small dogs and cats in less than an hour, and sometimes even longer. For adult pets, wolf spider bites can cause significant problems. If not treated quickly, a wolf spider bite might even kill your pet.

Wolf Spider On Dog Skin

By choosing Fortified Pest Management you are ensuring that not only will proper integrated pest management be applied to your home, it will be done using 100% American made products that are eco-conscious and recyclable. Fortified Pest Management is here to help. Remember, Fortified Pest Management is fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured. We are family owned, Pet Friendly and ALWAYS come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Whether you need a residential or professional estimate we are here to help. From Pigeons to Roof Rats, Spiders to Termites, Scorpions to Bed Bugs we will help you sleep better at night.   

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