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Beetles can be identified by their shell-like body that has a line running down the center of their body. Some may even be found standing on their heads!

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Pest Summary

Pest Summary

While some pests can be tolerated, homeowners usually find that beetles are not one of them. After all, no one likes to try to put on a shoe, only to find a beetle is living inside of it. More so, wood-boring beetles can harm furniture, support beams, and other objects causing some serious structural damage. To gain control of the situation, understanding the nature of these pests is essential.

Pest Identification

Beetles have 2 hard wing coverings (often confused for a shell) on their back. The hardened wings is what "crunches" if you accidentally step on one. Beetles havearp mandibles t decaying plants and animals. Look at the underside of the insect’s mouth to see if they have sharp-looking "teeth". Finally, notice their legs. Beetles have 6 legs - so if it has 4 or 8 - it's not a beetle.

Pest Elimination Plan

Beetle Juice, Beetles Juice, Beetles...are no laughing matter when they have invaded your home. To get a solution that will work without the extra pesticides, call Fortified Pest Management at (702) 879-4007. We have developed environmentally friendly techniques over the years that no other pest control company is doing in Las Vegas. This means that you will have a safe environment free of beetles without residual chemicals that can harm pets or children.


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About The Pest You're Dealing With

All About The Click Beetle

  • Click Beetles make a clicking sound by snapping the front an back sections of its body together.
  • It uses this same technique to flip itself over if it gets stuck on its back.
  • Click beetles are black and have grooved section
  • They are about an average of an inch long
  • There are over 900 species of click beetles

All About The Carpet Beetle

  • Carpet beetles have an elongated abdomen and a black body (for the most part)
  • There are a variety of colored carpet beetles that are similar to the black carpet beetle.
  • Their bodies are typical oval shaped
  • They are smaller than the click beetle and don't usually get bigger than a quarter of an inch

All About The Longhorn Beetle

  • Longhorn beetles are most know for the extra long antennas
  • Although they have long antennas they are longhorn because they are reminiscent of longhorn cattle.
  • Their long antennas can be straight or curved and their bodies can be black, colored, or a variety of colors.
  • There are 413 species of longhorn beetles

All About The Ground Beetle

  • Ground beetles are black and grooves on their body
  • They typically produce a unique (and very strong) odor
  • They are found under leaves, logs, and moist areas
  • They get into the home through cracked windows
  • Ground beetles are one of the fastest beetles

So.. Why Do Beetles Stand On Their Head?

  • Beetles that do this have been coined stink beetles (because they spray similar to a skunk)
  • Or they are nicknamed clown beetles (because of the fact they stand on their head)
  • They stand on their head to warn predators they have spray and they are not afraid to use it
  • If they are in this position they can do the most amount of damage with their spray

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