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Fortified Offers State Of The Art Las Vegas Cockroach Control And Extermination Services. We Understand The Cockroaches Indigenous To The Area And Their Proper Remedy.

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Before you pull out the pesticides, consider professional services that are environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, homeowners are exposed to three different types of cockroaches. To get a better understanding of this problem, we detail below the behavior, physical characteristics, and potential dangers of this problem growing to epic proportions.


There are few differences between cockroaches except their Latin names.
The American cockroach is known as Periplaneta Americana.
The German cockroach is Blattella germanica.
The Oriental cockroach is named the Blatta orientalis.

With the exception of the flying oriental cockroach, most cockroaches in America are limited to the ground — even if they have wings. Measuring up to two inches in length, you can expect to find them anywhere that humans live.


Are you tired of cockroaches overpowering your home? . At Fortified Pest Management, we work diligently with our customers to find an environmentally friendly solution for their pest problems. This includes limiting our uses of pesticides in order to protect people with disabilities, older people, children and pets. . We want your home to be as safe as possible, and this is part of the fundamental beliefs that we built our company on.

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Free Cockroach Estimates In Las Vegas

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Frequently Asked Questions
If You Have No Trash Can You Still Have Cockroaches?

As long as you have a suitable environment for cockroaches, they will continue to infest your home. Even if you do a good job of keeping your trash contained and your food covered, they will find other things to eat. This includes cardboard, wood and outdoor furniture.

How Do Cockroaches Get Into Your Home?

Cockroaches of all species will enter your home through the sewer, drainpipes, vents and cracks.

When Are Cockroaches Active in Las Vegas?

As long as they have a nesting site, food, water and warmth, they will be active throughout the year. While you can see cockroaches during the day, most will be active during the night.

How Often Do Cockroaches Reproduce in Las Vegas?

They will reproduce quickly if their living environment is ideal. Since they are highly adaptive, this means that ideal circumstances for breeding are usually likely.

Are Cockroaches Bad For Your Health?

In some cases, an infestation of cockroaches can cause allergies in humans. Unfortunately, most cockroach eggs are naturally resilient to many insecticides. Between the allergies and repeated use of insecticides it can impose health risks for humans.

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