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Are Pincher Bugs Becoming A Problem In Or Around Your Home? Whether You Are Maintaining A Beautiful Landscape, Flowers or Growing Your Own Food, Earwigs Can Be A Huge Headache.

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Pest Summary

Although there is quite a disturbing myth that comes with the stories of Earwigs that matches their eerie look, Earwigs are not a threat to humans, but can be a big threat to any vegetation including landscapes and gardens.

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Identifying The Pest

The most common Earwig found in the Las Vegas area is the European Earwig. These Pincher Bugs are a dark reddish-brown in color with a reddish head and pale yellowish-brown legs and the adult is 5/8 inch long in length.  The males have different-sized forceps with a complexity of forms up to 3/16 inch long.  The females have a cercus (a small appendage at the end of the abdomen in pairs).

Pest Control Solution

Whether you are ready to carry along without being suddenly startled by these frightening bugs, or do not want them to feast on your fabulous flowers or foods, we have a solution for you. When you are ready to take care of your home’s Earwig problem, Fortified Pest Management is here to help. We have developed environmentally friendly techniques over the years that no other pest control company is doing in Las Vegas. This means that you will have an environment free of Pincher Bugs without residual chemicals that can harm pets or children.

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Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Earwigs are not dangerous, but they will use their pincers on humans if they feel threatened or startled. Usually, earwigs will pinch you if you try to pick them up or handle them. These pincers probably aren’t strong enough to break your skin, but the pinching might hurt a little.

What Do Pincher Bugs Eat?

Their diet consists of both animal matter and plants – leaves, fruits, flowers and other insects including flies.

How Many Types Of Earwigs Are There?

Earwigs fall under the insect order Dermaptera. There are more than 2000 species of Earwigs in 12 families. About 18 species of Earwigs occur in North America. The most common types of Earwigs are: European Earwigs, Red- Legged Earwigs, Stripped Earwigs, Maritime Earwigs, and The ST Helena Giant Earwig.

Can Earwigs Fly?

Earwigs aren’t good fliers, but they do have usable wings. The European Earwig may use these wings to jump small distances, break falls, or escape danger. Unfolded Earwig wings are shaped like human ears, which is where some people think the name actually comes from.

What Type Of Environment Do Earwigs Like?

Earwigs want to live in humid, moist, and cool environments. They’re attracted to topsoil because it lets them stay cool and sheltered in a dark and humid place. If your home provides an environment they like, they’ll be attracted to it.

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