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Finding The Best Solution For Fleas In Your Home Is Not Always Easy. However, We Are Here To Help By Educating Our Customers And Providing Professional Solutions To You (And Your Pets) Flea Problems.

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Pest Summary

It’s pretty rare to see fleas in the Las Vegas Valley but definitely not impossible. They can host your furry cat or dog. If up in Mt. Charleston or hiking in Red Rock Canyon, fleas and ticks are possible. When we see an infestation of fleas in a home it’s usually because the pet was visiting another state or different parts of our country. Our pets become a home and a food source for these critters. Once a flea attaches to your dog or cat, it will remain there unless it is killed or dies naturally. If your dog or cat is infested with fleas, eventually’ They will produce eggs and multiply quickly. With a serious infestation, without treatment or medication, these pests have the ability to cause potential health risks for your pet and some can be stubborn to get rid of.

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Identifying The Pest

Once a flea is identified you definitely have an infestation. You may notice your pet (or yourself) itching extremely often. An awful flea infestation can appear in less than 3 weeks and will need intervention to rid your home. Fleas are parasites and feed off their host. The blood of your pet is what they feed off of. They can spread throughout your entire home and can be very stubborn to get rid of. If you suspect a flea problem in your home, acting fast will help protect your dog. Fleas can transmit disease to humans through petting and sharing living space with your dog. Flea infestation is extremely preventable. Flea can also enter into your home through rats or mice as well. The worst part of a flea infestation is the time and the effort to get rid of the infestation but it is imperative to resolve.

Pest Control Solution

If you suspect a flea infestation in your home, act fast, call Fortified to assist in resolving these parasitic pests Although fleas are rare they are no laughing matter when they have invaded your home. To get a solution that will work without the extra pesticides, call Fortified Pest Management at (702) 879-4007. We have developed environmentally friendly techniques over the years that no other pest control company is doing in Las Vegas. This means that you will have a safe environment free of beetles without residual chemicals that can harm pets or children.

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Are There Different Types of Fleas?

There are more than 2,500 types of fleas worldwide, 300 of them which are in the United States. Each of these species live by taking blood from their hosts. 300 of those

Are Fleas A Problem In Las Vegas?

Fleas and ticks are two pest not many Vegas residents encounter, but it does happen every year. Fleas can come from Red Rock, Mt. Charleston, and more often than not from other parts of the country. This could be from the mass amounts of travelers coming in or you leaving somewhere and coming back.

Can Your Dog Get Fleas In Las Vegas?

Fleas like the moist weather so they typically can't survive in the desert for long, however it is possible. If you are a big hiker or close proximity to other dogs it is still recommended to have a flea plan in actions.

What Is a Fleas Lifecycle?

The flea lives through 4 stages - the egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Depending on the environmental conditions fleas live from a couple months to a couple years.

How Can I Keep Fleas From Around My House?

Some ways of keeping fleas away from your house is use baking soda, sprinkle salt., washing your bedding in hot, soapy water, using a steam cleaner, and creating a pet-safe plan with Fortified Pest Management!

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