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There are gophers in Las Vegas. We are home to Valley Pocket Gophers. They can be tricky to remove as they are extremely hard to see.

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Pest Summary

Pocket Gophers are apart of the rodent family, and similar to kangaroo rats, they have fur-lined cheeks. They typically live underground and can be found anywhere in the Las Vegas valley.

Identifying The Pest

Valley Pocket Gophers are medium sized, gray-brown (buffy) rodents without any particular marks on the fur. The Gopher's head and body are 5-6 inches long, and the naked tail is about is 2-3 inches long.

Pest Control Solution

Having pests, like gophers, in your home can be a health crisis. Fortified Pest Control understands problems like this, and actively works with our customers for solutions. We look for humane and environmentally friendly ways to remove the gophers.

Specific Types of Gophers

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How long do Pocket Gophers Live?

Pocket gophers typically live about three years

Do Las Vegas Gophers Have Predators?

They do have predators here in town. The main predators are coyotes, snakes, larger birds, and more.

What Attracts Gophers To Your Yard?

Gophers typically feed on roots of plants. They can cause damage to yards and gardens by burrowing through the dirt.

Are Las Vegas Gophers Aggressive?

Gophers are not aggressive animals. It's not normal for them to attack a dog or a human on sight. However, if your dog is aggressive towards the gopher and the gopher feels it has no other option, it may attack.

How do I know if my Las Vegas pest is a Gopher or a Mole?

Moles leave a series of symmetrical, cone-shaped mounds when they dig through a yard. Gophers, on the other hand, leave crescent-shaped, irregular mounds with plugs of dirt present.

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