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Scorpions are found everywhere, but Arizona Bark Scorpions can be found in a Las Vegas house or backyard. They are usually poisonous and should be addressed as soon as possible.

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Scorpion Control

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Pest Summary

While some pests can be tolerated, homeowners usually find that scorpions are not one of them. After all, no one likes to try to put on a shoe, only to find a scorpion is living inside of it. To gain control of the situation, understanding the nature of these pests is essential. To learn more about how to get rid of scorpions, stay tuned.

Identifying The Pest

While they may have the word Arizona in their name, they can be found anywhere in America, especially in the Las Vegas Desert. Although they cannot climb smooth surfaces or glass, the scorpions can climb any rough horizontal façade. In cold winter months, they will group together in packs as large as 30. When it is warmer outside, they are more solitary – just like other insects and small prey.

Pest Control Solution

Scorpions are no laughing matter when they have invaded your home. To get a solution that will work without the extra pesticides, call Fortified Pest Management at (702) 879-4007. We have developed environmentally friendly techniques over the years that no other pest control company is doing in Las Vegas. This means that you will have a safe environment free of scorpions without residual chemicals that can harm pets or children.

Specific Types of Scorpions

Desert Hairy Scorpion

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Wind Scorpion

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Bark Scorpion

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Emperor Scorpion

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Which Typo of Scorpion is Most Common in Las Vegas?

Currently, the Bark Scorpion is the most common one you will find in America. In fact, here in Vegas, it's not uncommon to find them in your backyard.

Are Scorpions Dangerous?

When scorpions do attack a human or pet, their venom will generally cause numbness, severe pain, muscle twitching, shortness of breath, convulsions and foaming inside the mouth.

Do Scorpions Lay Eggs?

No, scorpions do not lay eggs. Instead, the female scorpion waits until the eggs hatch inside her body – which is when the baby scorpions emerge from their mother.

Can You Die From Las Vegas Scorpions?

Yes, it is possible to die from bark scorpion venom from a sting, but it is a rare case scenario.

How Long Can a Scorpion Live in Las Vegas?

It is not uncommon for a while the Arizona bark scorpion to live for five years or longer. This is especially true if they can find an irrigated lawns to live next to.

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