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We Have Several Pests in the Las Vegas Valley And Silverfish Are Some of The Sneakiest, Becoming A Problem As They Hide In the Night and Feast on Common Items Found Around Your Home.

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Pest Summary

While silverfish do not carry disease to a home, however they can cause damage to the home's contents. They live off a diet that is rich in starch and simple sugars. They will consume anything that contains these ingredients. This does not only include unprotected food like flour or cereals. Silverfish will damage paper, adhesives, string, photographs, carpets, and clothing- all contain nutrients that silverfish crave. They also eat dead insects, their own molted skins, and the dead bits that people shed, most commonly dandruff, but also hair. They also can cause holes in clothing, drapery, and rugs depending on their construction. If they do not find enough appropriate food, they will consume synthetic fibers.

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Identifying The Pest

They have thin, pale bodies, feathery legs, and darting, sinuous movements that make them disappear in a flash before they can be captured or killed. They are common in many houses but, being nocturnal creatures, people rarely see them.

Pest Control Solution

Are you ready to take care of the Silverfish hiding out and feasting on the items you have in your home? At Fortified Pest Management, we have a fine-tuned system that keeps your family and pets safe from the overuse of pesticides. This means that we can use tools and other equipment to take care of your Silverfish problem in a way that is friendly to your family and the environment. Get a free estimate to get a better idea of how we will eliminate your Silverfish problem.

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Why are they called Silverfish?

The name itself might be a little misleading, because silverfish aren't actually fish at all. These prehistoric pests get their name from their silvery-grey color and their quick fish-like movements.

What Do Silverfish Like To Eat?

These omnivores consume products that are rich in starches and dextrin for their cellulose, a polysaccharide that silverfish can digest with ease. As one might imagine, sources of this food are quite abundant throughout the world. These are the most common polysaccharide-laden foods that silverfish will consume: paper, wallpaper, book bindings, dead insects, shampoos, carpet, hair, glue, cotton, silk, grains, sugar, flour, pet foods, coffee, and lace.

What Type Of Environment Do Silverfish Like?

Warm and moist spaces, like basements and crawl spaces, attract silverfish. The pests will enter homes through foundation cracks, torn screens, or gaps around doors. Leaving dirty dishes out in the open will also lure silverfish indoors.

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

Silverfish are common pests in homes that are not harmful to humans. Although not dangerous, silverfish can trigger allergies in some people. This pest doesn’t bite like or spread disease like cockroaches. Silverfish have a reputation for causing significant damage to homes and personal property. Therefore, it is important to get a silverfish infestation under control quickly.

How Long Do Silverfish Live?

Silverfish live a very long life, from 3 to 6 years on average. In fact, some silverfish have been known to live over 8 years! They’re hard to kill. Silverfish possess an amazing tolerance to bug poisons, possibly due to their long history helping them build up an immune tolerance.

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