Identifying Birds in Las Vegas

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We have a few birds that are considered pests in the Las Vegas area. These birds include Pigeons (aka Rock Doves), Morning Doves, Sparrows, and Starlings.

We have a few birds that are considered pests in the Las Vegas area. These birds include Pigeons (aka Rock Doves), Morning Doves, Sparrows, and Starlings.

Identifying Birds In Las Vegas


Pigeons are the most common bird found in Las Vegas. They are typically 11 to 15 inches long and weigh about 10 ounces. Pigeons will inhabit and breed on artificial cliffs of buildings, houses, and other roofs and ledges. They can breed at any time of the year making this bird a common pest for us here in the desert. Rock doves are omnivorous, but prefer plant matter: chiefly fruits and grains. Pigeons are probably the biggest pest in Las Vegas in regards to their population. To learn more about how they got here, click here.

Mourning Dove

Mourning Doves are similar to pigeons with a rounder head. These birds are considered a medium sized bird and can be found in certain parts of the valley. They are pretty identifiable by sight. They are about one foot long and weigh about 4 to 6 ounces. Their legs have a reddish tint and they have three toes facing forward and one toe that is reversed. 

How They Live, Eat, and Reproduce: Mourning doves prefer plants and seeds such as corn, canary grass, corn, and wheat. They are similar to pigeons where if these seeds aren’t available they’ll become opportunistic eaters and consume other plants and seeds. These birds do not reproduce as rapidly as pigeons, but are able to reproduce 4 eggs at a time. They can be found in nests in trees rather than buildings and houses. 

Old World To New World Sparrows (House Sparrows)

Most Old World Sparrows are throughout Europe, but Las Vegas does have one Old World Sparrow, (name of sparrow). Finding one of these birds is rare, but New World Sparrows are much more common in Las Vegas. In fact, there are over 30 species of New World Sparrows that have been locally identified. Since most Sparrows here will be New World Sparrows that is where this article will focus. These birds typically feed on seeds as well, but have distinct head patterns compared to the other birds discussed above. They are typically a mix of brown and red and resemble a finch.


Starlings are a bit smaller than a pigeon or dove and are about 8 inches tall. They have glossy black feathers and are sometimes mistaken for crows. The legs are a distinct pink and the bill is usually yellow. Their diet is much different than the birds above. They are known to eat spiders, flies, earwigs, bees, and ants. They breed during spring and summer, usually laying four or five eggs over a week span. Their life span is usually around two-three years old. 

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