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The Preventative Process

We all know traditional pest control, you have to call in the experts AFTER there is a problem. These pest problems could cost business owners thousands of dollars. Fortified Pest Management is proud to offer our new Preventative Pest Protection, a membership that provides you a pest free life for nearly a dollar a day.

Indoor Treatment

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Your Fortified Pest Management experts will give your business a rigorous inspection. Our experts make sure to check the common AND uncommon areas for pests to cause issues.

Outdoor Treatment

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Your experts are going to give the outside perimeter of your business a meticulous inspection, then using top industry pet and family friendly chemicals, will seal your business.
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FAQ's For Preventative Pest Control

Is Pest Prevention Worth It?

Yes it is. Business owners pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars when a pest infestation occurs. With plans starting at $32.50/month Pest Protection saves its members time and worry as well as money.

How often do you really need pest control? (EOM)

Every other month is a standard that Fortified Pest Management maintains. Every 60 days is the general time for the sealants and deterrents previously places to have run their course, have safely degraded or been washed away.

How much is pest control (depends, but many companies are around 49.99/month)

The exact cost does depend on the size of the property or business. However many commercial locations are under $50/month.

What will help prevent pests in your business?

Maintaining a clean environment clear of trash and debris is one of the biggest deterrents for pests.

Who's responsible for pest control at a commercial building?

The first step in determining responsibility is looking at your lease or rental agreement. However regardless of what is in the agreement at the end of the day Nevada landlords have an obligation to provide buildings with habitable premises. This means it must be maintained and in good repair.

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Why Hire Preventative Pest Control Services
For Your Business?

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Christian's Roach Story
Christian kept seeing “waterbugs” scurry across his kitchen floor at night when going to the back fridge for more stock. It wasn’t until the next week he saw the whole kitchen was overrun with cockroaches. Charles ended up having to pay over $700 to rid his kitchen of these disgusting pests.
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Margret's Bed Bug Story
Margret was loving her new multi family investment property. That was until she ended up spending her years profits on a double bed bug infestation in two units she rented out. Preventative measures could have been taken to protect her property and income.
Recurring Pest Control
Nikita's Scorpion Story
Nikita was having a regular day at her dog kennel. She noticed the puppy investigating what looked like a scorpion. When she realized IT WAS in fact an Arizona bark scorpion she called the experts to protect her business and furry friends. Unfortunately Nikita spent around $1,200 for that peace of mind.

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